Friday, December 26, 2008

Finally! Some pics from the 4th of July (very late)

Here are some items I did this past summer. I create paper....thingys and blow them up. Enjoy

Dogfight 1

I LOVE WWI style of planes and will create a squadron next time.

Outhouse 1

Private time...

Viper 1

May make some more Vipers while I'm at it too.


Anyone for some magic?

Steampunk 1

...and nothing says fun like a victorian steampunk robot.

Steampunk 2


Ron said...

that steampunk robot needs to be turned into papercraft, awesome work :)

Phillip Valdez said...

Thanks. I can probably put together a blueprint to piece together one. I may have to borrow from one of your other models for reference.