Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Pics of the Snake mask

The mask is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was based on the Medusa Brooch by Lalique.
mask in progress - 2

Of course-the brooch has the snakes going down-I needed them to be facing up( that is why the book is upside down). So here it is. Enjoy

Medusa Mask

Medusa Mask Right

Medusa Mask Detail

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finishing Mask for Vampire Ball....kind of

I am almost done with this mask for Kambriel (a friend of Elisa) but am too tired to finish. BUT here is a peek of what is accomplished (The mask is actually 95% done-but I can't show it all now! Need to build the suspense)

mask in progress - 5

mask in progress - 3
mask in progress - 6

I'll give you a hint. My mask is based on a brooch from renowned Art Neoveau Artist Lalique.

Capturing Elisa's Heart

I think Elisa has a better pic of this one-
I created a Sacred Heart for Elisa for a present (several Xmas' ago) and here I am moving it to another location.

Moving Elisa's Heart

I will find a better pic so that you can see the thorns and the wings better.

Follow your instincts

Found this on the digital camera while downloading some pics of my latest mask. This past January-we were hit unexpectedly by a snowstorm. Since I ride a Shadow, I left early. Here is what happened.

Home in the nick of time

Here is later that evening:
This past January