Monday, November 29, 2010

More Christmas Animals...

Here are some more animals (with some completed ones as well).

This Snow Leopard is probably my favorite of the group.

Although the Arctic Fox is a close second.

Here is the complete Polar Bear family.

...and finally-two Artic Hares.

I still have a deer and a white wolf-so check back soon (probably this coming weekend)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Start of Christmas Card

Greetings. Here is the start of a Christmas pop-up card that I was tasked to create to give to the owners of our company. This will be the third one that I created for the company(earlier posts show the first one). This theme is winter creatures. I anticipate nine creatures in all. Here is what I have created thus far...

Comp for an Arctic Fox.

Here is a Snow Owl.

Here is the start of the Polar Bear family (the mother is shown)

I just finished one with Geese and one with Rams on a crag of rocks (I need to get the pics for those). Also, I wish to thank my wife, Elisa, for her illustrations. She is fantastic and I wish she would draw more and stay away from that photo stuff (rots the brain).