Monday, February 22, 2010

The work is never done.

The Vampire Masquerade Ball is coming up and I will have at least 2 masks attending. I will not give away the identities of the masks-but a clue.........reptiles and demons.

If Elisa and I go-then I will have to create 4 masks. Start the coffee pot!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

The making of "Masking"

Here is the time-lapsed video of me making the mask.

Masking in Adobe PhotoShop

Here is the making of the bird mask. I used only printed flats that Russell sent me from Adobe. Barely made it-almost ran out of solid blue.





New Bird Mask

I created this as an inspired project for Adobe Systems with Russell Preston Brown. He showed me a very simple mask, made from a Photoshop box. The mask had two holes for the eyes and a large hole for the mouth. We both thought it would be cool to enhance this simple Photoshop masking idea and show how to make a feathered mask with Photoshop CS4. This bird mask was made entirely out of Adobe Photoshop CS4 boxes. Masking, feathering,'s all there!

Masking in Photoshop