Friday, December 26, 2008

Finally! Some pics from the 4th of July (very late)

Here are some items I did this past summer. I create paper....thingys and blow them up. Enjoy

Dogfight 1

I LOVE WWI style of planes and will create a squadron next time.

Outhouse 1

Private time...

Viper 1

May make some more Vipers while I'm at it too.


Anyone for some magic?

Steampunk 1

...and nothing says fun like a victorian steampunk robot.

Steampunk 2


Snow Gnome

Hah! Our little garden gnome before that other 9 inches fell.

Christmas project

WOW! We here in Oregon got pelted with Boston level snow. Living at sea level we don't get very much-but it snowed for a full week and we a whopping 13 inches. Some places got over 18! Anyway-it gave me time to finish this project. I came across an old Victorian print and thought how great it would be in a shadowbox.



And the final one...

Elisa has a better photo-but she needs to edit what's in her camera first before my pic.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mask for Elisa's Masquerade Ball

Here is a mask I did for Elisa for her "Rebirth". This was for the Masquerade Ball that we had several months ago.


More Pics from Halloween

Here are the rest of the pictures that my wife Elisa (Visioluxus) shot after the party. All my armor is paper, painted with acrylic and drybrushed with gold. Elisa's bird skull is also paper sealed with acrylic as well.

Demon Warrior Armband
Demon Warrior
Raven Skull Back
Raven Skull Detail
Raven Skull Front

Saturday, November 15, 2008

To color or not to color

Here is the mask that I created a while ago and retooled it for halloween. Quite a difference.

AnneBocciShow 014Demon Warrior Mask Detail

Be Gentle. This is my first blog.

Well. For someone who has seen the start of the digital age, why have I waited so long to start a blog. Here it goes...

Just got finished with the Halloween project (seen here) and so what do I do now? I have a project that I am finishing up for my mother-in-law (but don't want to post it till it's done). We are working on the Heaven's Warriors and here is my latest mask-it's a work in progress. The idea is to create a group of masks that the angels would wear (both light side and the fallen). There may be armor as well. (that bottom post was posted by my wife-to get me started)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Anne Bocci Show!

AnneBocciShow 005

AnneBocciShow 008

AnneBocciShow 014

AnneBocciShow 017

My masks are currently featured at the Anne Bocci Boutique in Multnomah Village through the month of November along with the photography of my wife