Sunday, December 5, 2010

Final Animals for Christmas Card

Here are the final 2 animals for the Christmas card:White wolves and Snow Deer. Now all I have left is to put together the book.



Monday, November 29, 2010

More Christmas Animals...

Here are some more animals (with some completed ones as well).

This Snow Leopard is probably my favorite of the group.

Although the Arctic Fox is a close second.

Here is the complete Polar Bear family.

...and finally-two Artic Hares.

I still have a deer and a white wolf-so check back soon (probably this coming weekend)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Start of Christmas Card

Greetings. Here is the start of a Christmas pop-up card that I was tasked to create to give to the owners of our company. This will be the third one that I created for the company(earlier posts show the first one). This theme is winter creatures. I anticipate nine creatures in all. Here is what I have created thus far...

Comp for an Arctic Fox.

Here is a Snow Owl.

Here is the start of the Polar Bear family (the mother is shown)

I just finished one with Geese and one with Rams on a crag of rocks (I need to get the pics for those). Also, I wish to thank my wife, Elisa, for her illustrations. She is fantastic and I wish she would draw more and stay away from that photo stuff (rots the brain).

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Octopus Mask

Here are the final pictures of the Octopus mask. Enjoy

Octopus Mask-full

Octopus Mask-half right

Octopus Mask-half left

Octopus Mask-side view

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Octopus Mask almost done

Here are some more pics of the Octopus mask. I am actually done....but Elisa wanted to take a picture of it tomorrow in natural light....and the glue still needs to dry.

Here is head all primered up and ready for the metallic work to be done.

Here is the filigreed arm ready to take the metal paint. You can see the eyes right above it.

Here is the finished octopus arm with the enamel.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Halloween Mask-Octopus

Greetings. The robot was put on hold for a request of an Octopus Mask for Halloween. Here are the first images of what I am creating. It will be similiar to my Chimera mask where there will be filigree on some of the arms and on the head. I am still thinking if it will be brushed metal or maybe a metallic green.



A better look at the head:


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Creating a new Mechanized Robot for the Royal Family

Coming off of my fantastic experience at Hasbro (and not allowing the Fed Ex fiasco to hamper my elation)-I am starting on a new Steam Punk Mechanized machine based on 17th century Flemish and German armor craftsman(shown in book). Plus early Fowler engine reference. The drawing that I did shows a Spanish Morion Helmet (different from the jousting, closed face ones).


Here is the body.


And another shot of the trusses which will become the right arm (sword arm)


Monday, September 27, 2010

Lessons Learned with Fed Ex

Now...I am coming off a great experience with going to Hasbro. I shipped my boxes back and came home to see this. 2 of my 3 boxes were crushed. Here is the pic of the worst of the 2. My Chariot mask is destroyed. Lesson learned here? Fortify your boxes with steel and iron spikes.

Broken mask

Notice the fragile sticker? Apparently they didn't. Not shown: "FRAGILE" in huge letters on the two sides and the top.
Fed Ex Box Handling

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Christmas Pop Up Card

I created this card to give to the owners of A-dec the first Christmas that I worked there. It had 10 pop-ups.....four are shown here. Enjoy.

Here is the size that I created the card to get the desired effect that I wanted.
Adec Card-4

One of the entry pages. Nothing fancy......yet.

The center spread.

The final page. I wanted something to really WOW them. It was a big hit.

Now that being said-I was asked to do another one this year. Oh the ideas...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hasbro Inspiration Expo

I was invited to show my art at the Hasbro Inspiration Expo. That is where artists are invited to talk about their art with Hasbro designers and artists and engineers (and others) to invigorate their creative juices. I only have 2 pics-but there will be more to come.

This is my booth. I tried to bring a nice sampling of my talents.


This is the Elephant mask that I created to have folks create a paper sculpture. It was tremendous fun. I will post the PDF of the mask shortly-I have to fix a few bugs in my instructions.

Check back soon.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fiendish Mastermind Relaxes with Liquid Intoxicants

Here it is. Elisa and myself went to SOAK (a sort of pre-party for BurningMan here in Oregon) We were there for a wedding-which was "Steam Punk" themed. Really-I was there to show off my arm.




This lovely lady below is Amanda, one of the two lovely brides of the event (Alana is not pictured).


Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Steam Punk arm is Complete!!!

I am finally done with the arm.

All fingers work and the dome lights up. I had another set of lights in the control panel, but the battery kept opening my compartment-so I nixed that. We also have photos at the event-I just have to download them....later.

The majority of the arm is paper with a cardboard inner structure. Rubber bands are in the pistons and dental floss is used to control the fingers. The tubing, air regulators and gauges are real (and pretty heavy). Velcro was used to keep it on my arm. I will have photos of the wedding out soon-with me in full costume (and some other participants.






Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Start of a SteamPunk arm

We have a friend getting married at the end of June at the SteamPunk Festival and I am creating a mechanical arm. Here are the first pics.

Robo Arm I

Robo Arm II

Robo Arm III

Didn't have pictures of the inbetween-here is the arm closer to a finished piece.

Robo Arm VI

Robo Arm IV

I need to add the thumb as well as the inside mechanical part to be able to actually move the fingers. And some more gears and gauges and tubes and stuff.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chimera Mask (...a bit late)

Here is the second mask that I completed for the Vampire Ball here in Portland. A little simplier, but the results are just as stunning.

Chimera Mask

Chimera Mask Detail

Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Pics of the Snake mask

The mask is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was based on the Medusa Brooch by Lalique.
mask in progress - 2

Of course-the brooch has the snakes going down-I needed them to be facing up( that is why the book is upside down). So here it is. Enjoy

Medusa Mask

Medusa Mask Right

Medusa Mask Detail