Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fiendish Mastermind Relaxes with Liquid Intoxicants

Here it is. Elisa and myself went to SOAK (a sort of pre-party for BurningMan here in Oregon) We were there for a wedding-which was "Steam Punk" themed. Really-I was there to show off my arm.




This lovely lady below is Amanda, one of the two lovely brides of the event (Alana is not pictured).


Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Steam Punk arm is Complete!!!

I am finally done with the arm.

All fingers work and the dome lights up. I had another set of lights in the control panel, but the battery kept opening my compartment-so I nixed that. We also have photos at the event-I just have to download them....later.

The majority of the arm is paper with a cardboard inner structure. Rubber bands are in the pistons and dental floss is used to control the fingers. The tubing, air regulators and gauges are real (and pretty heavy). Velcro was used to keep it on my arm. I will have photos of the wedding out soon-with me in full costume (and some other participants.






Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Start of a SteamPunk arm

We have a friend getting married at the end of June at the SteamPunk Festival and I am creating a mechanical arm. Here are the first pics.

Robo Arm I

Robo Arm II

Robo Arm III

Didn't have pictures of the inbetween-here is the arm closer to a finished piece.

Robo Arm VI

Robo Arm IV

I need to add the thumb as well as the inside mechanical part to be able to actually move the fingers. And some more gears and gauges and tubes and stuff.