Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm sooooooo lame.......

Okay-I am not doing this blog thing correctly. I haven't posted in several weeks as well as do any art for several weeks. I am still working on my Propaganda Poster as well as several masks. BUT my lazy butt has been laying about...lazily drinking Hot Buttered Rums playing Bioshock. Speaking of Bioshock-here is a Big Daddy Dunny I finished right before christmas. HA! I did do something.
Okay-I dont have a pic of the final-it's still in my camera-but here are a few before the final paint job.




For those who don't know what BioShock is-it's one of the best video game ever!!! Right behind Psychonauts or Worms or ..........EarthWorm Jim.

As for it.

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