Sunday, March 17, 2013

Starting a new Mask series

Elisa and I are starting a new series of masks-Insects. I decided to start out with the Hercules Beetle. Here are some teaser images to wet your whistle.

Carapace covers.

Head piece

The group so far. The actual carapace, one of the carapace covers, head piece, some legs and you can see the mask in the corner.

The mask with a faux gold finish (but not cemented into place). I still have to enamel the mask and finish the legs and wings.

And here is the start of the enameling.



Frith Foottit said...

Beautiful as always.
Is that several layers to make the ornamented 'shield'? I'll have to try something like that sometime.

Phillip Valdez said...
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Phillip Valdez said...

thank you for the kind words. It only has 2 layers. The back shield part(solid) and the filigree part glued in front. I then covered it in Gesso to seal it (and give texture), did a black and dk green base coat-then finally dry brushed gold all over.