Friday, September 18, 2009

Revamp of old series

Alright-I haven't been so good at keeping up to date (that lazy thing). BUT Elisa wanted to revisit her dream series with animals-so I present to you my deermask.



Next comes the bull......stay tuned

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Unknown said...


Beautiful to me how you bare, and bear the dear visions forth.... Mere millimeters of separation between the illusory daily, and the dream, yet such a complete spinning of immortal stories such, that one truly does forget there ever was another face, beneath.

Continue onward always, please. Truly i hope you dust many a fluttered lid, with the stuff of starlit vision found. Realized by the real eyes therein lies the charm of suspension, of disbelief. This believe me, i await, in suspense of the sweet whisper laid by way of paper.

Thank you as ever,

-so glad of the enchanted collaboration between the shutter, and the shear.... love.... the photographs, speak.