Monday, September 27, 2010

Lessons Learned with Fed Ex

Now...I am coming off a great experience with going to Hasbro. I shipped my boxes back and came home to see this. 2 of my 3 boxes were crushed. Here is the pic of the worst of the 2. My Chariot mask is destroyed. Lesson learned here? Fortify your boxes with steel and iron spikes.

Broken mask

Notice the fragile sticker? Apparently they didn't. Not shown: "FRAGILE" in huge letters on the two sides and the top.
Fed Ex Box Handling


Thomas said...

Oh that's cruel!
It's so beautiful
I wonder if there is anything you can do money wise since it is so clearly labelled and they failed so hard.

idlechimp said...

This trick is to NOT mark it fragile. Then it would have been just fine. That's my experience anyway! (Your work is simply stunning by the way)

madethegrade said...

I have found that when I'm shipping paper stuffs I always double fortify the box and as well as the fragile stickers I make a note "Contents are crushable" in large letters on each side and I seem to get by ok :) Maybe try that next time!

Phillip Valdez said...

That's the greatest part of the story-I DID reinforce the box with extra cardboard-and I thought the "Fragile" sticker would have done the trick (since it was their own sticker) AND I wrote "Fragile" on the all sides.

I worked at UPS for a season back in college-it doesn't mean squat if it's marked or not. I'm impressed that they crushed it even after my super packing.