Monday, August 15, 2011

FINALLY.... Got off the couch and did something.

After a stint of the blues for a less than stellar experience with a client back in February.....I finally got started with a couple of projects that I could sink my teeth into. I created a skull mask for Elisa-which I will post in the coming days. A new Steampunk Mech that I am working on as well as an art trade with Stefan Bucher (creater of Right now is the beginnings of my Steampunk mech-I dont know if it will also be a two-legged chicken walker or a full fledged 4 legged machine like the AT-AT. Here are three pics that show you where I am at.

This is the configuration of the main body.

Here are the parts-based off of an old Best Steam Tractor and a horse drawn carriage.

Detail of the carriage area

I am working on the leg mechanism as well as the chassis.

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